Five Impactful Canadian Charities.

There are many impactful charities in Canada helping to make a difference in their communities.

Charity Intelligence has rated over 800 charities on a scale of 0 to 5 stars. Their five star ratings are based on five factors, including results reporting, financial transparency, need for funding, cost efficiency, and social impact rating. These factors help to give an insight as a donor to how these charities run and the knowledge to make informed giving decisions. These five charities below are great examples of nonprofits that have accumulated the five star rating through Charity Intelligence.

Alberta Wilderness Association has a five star rating based off the Charity Intelligence rating system. They seek to preserve Alberta’s wilderness, water, and wildlife. It does this by seeking protection for regions that represent the province’s characteristic landscapes. AWA’s major program is wilderness conservation, which also protects wildlife and freshwater habitats. 

George Hull Centre for Children and Families mental health services to families in Toronto and Etobicoke, working to reduce suffering, provide hope, and enhance quality of life. George Hull Centre offers mental health services to treat illness and uses programming to protect mental health before illnesses arise.

Greater Vancouver Food Bank assists those in need of food support through various food programs. The charity collects, purchases, and distributes food through GVFB-run distribution locations and partner-run community agencies in Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster and North Vancouver. In 2019, Greater Vancouver Food Bank distributed 4.1 million pounds of food, 55% of which was perishable. 

Hope Air is the only Canadian charity that provides nationwide free flights and lodging for people who cannot afford travel costs to access specialized medical care unavailable in their area. In 2019, Hope Air provided 13,097 travel arrangements. This included 11,827 flights and 1,270 bridge and ferry passes. Since 1986, Hope Air has provided approximately 150,000 flights to Canadians in all ten provinces.

Indspire helps Indigenous students in Canada complete their post-secondary education by providing bursaries and scholarships. Indspires Building Brighter Futures grants bursaries, scholarships  and awards to Indigenous students who need financial aid to complete their post-secondary education. BBF funded 5,553 students in 2019, disbursing more than $16 million.

These charities are working hard to help struggling Canadians in a variety of ways. You can find all of these charities on Tillen and help spread awareness by sharing these charities on social media and donating to a cause that speaks to you.